Treasure Valley Reformed Presbyterian Church

The Whole Bible Conference

Do you ever wonder how the Bible fits together and what it’s overall message is? If you are in the Boise area, we invite you join us at our worship site in Meridian for a conference on the whole Bible! Rev. Tim McCracken is the regional director of Metanoia Prison Ministries (San Joaquin Valley, CA), he will be in town April 1-3 to share with us the overall themes of the Bible. He writes concerning his own encouragement from this series,

“In my own walk of faith, the continuity of the Scripture’s message across the whole of its record, with ever-constant forecast on theme has been a steadfast anchor of hope.”

The conference will begin Friday evening, April 1, at 6:00pm (See below for the full schedule). We will be providing some snacks and lunch on Saturday. This conference is FREE, but in order for us to know how much food to prepare, please register here.

Friday — April 1, 2022

6:00-7:00pm — Session 1: A Perfect Creation

7:00-7:15pm — Refreshments

7:15-8:15pm — Session 2: Rebellion and a Promise

Saturday — April 2, 2022

10:00-11:00am — Session 3: A Nation Raised Up, Enslaved, and Delivered

11:00-11:15am — Refreshments

11:15am-12:15pm — Session 4: From the Law at Mt. Sinai to a Throne in Jerusalem

12:15-1:30pm — Lunch

1:30-2:30pm — Session 5: Of Kings and Prophets

2:30-2:45pm — Refreshments

2:45-3:45pm — Session 6: Of Christ, and of Hope in Him

Sunday — April 3, 2022 

6:00pm — Bonus Session: Christ in the Psalms (This session will be a special time singing together various Psalms that point to the life of Christ).