Treasure Valley Reformed Presbyterian Church

Lord’s Supper Observance

Our belief is the Bible teaches only those professing faith in Jesus Christ have the privilege of partaking in this sacrament and Christ gave the responsibility of overseeing the Lord’s Supper to the elders of the church. Since they are accountable to Christ for the spiritual well-being of His church, the elders have the responsibility of knowing the profession of faith of each person who partakes. In the RPCNA, in order to come to the Lord’s table, each member of our congregation has met with the elders and professed their faith in Jesus along with a commitment to His church.

When you visit us, and desire to partake of the Lord’s Supper, we ask you arrive early to meet with the elders before the service. This way we can get to know you and hear your brief profession of faith. We love hearing how Jesus leads people to Himself!

If you are not sure of your commitment to Jesus Christ, and/or are not a member of another church, or under discipline of a church, we ask you to allow the elements pass by.

Please contact us through the Contact page if you have any questions, or want to set up a time to meet with Pastor Hemphill.